Background of ManLuckerz and The Zim-Traditional Unity (ZIM-TU)

Welcome to Live Dance and Music from Zimbabwe, Välkomna / Svikai-Svikai / Fikani-Fikani, Welcome!

ManLuckerz and The Zim-Traditional Unity was formed in order to address Zimbabwe tradition, socio-economical issues and gender issues through singing and also to break the culture of silence.

The Uppsala-based African band, - multi-talented musicians combining traditional expressions from their experiences in Southern Africa. We play Zimbabwean traditional music. The Uppsala-Based Group Performs with a new album Jesina-Madhinga! We feel at home when we play hos er, Thank you. The group routinely occurs with vigorous dancing and music from Zimbabwe. ManLuckerz want strong relations between Zimbabwe and Sweden through the culture industry and build a bridge between those two countries. Manluckerz and The Zim-Traditional Unity, was formed in 2001 to address issues which silenced in Zimbabwe. And teach African music, dance, marimba, mbira, maracas and drums. Since its inception, has ManLuckerz and The Zim-Traditional Unity worked with a variety of organizations. The group, ManLuckerz is mixed with Zimbabweans, ugandier, mozambiqier, Swedes and other nationalities. ManLuckerz and The Zim-Traditional Unity Performed at various places in Sweden and other countries in Europe. Next year, the group planned to go on an exchange program trip to Zimbabwe 2011th.

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Fantastic News: ZIMBABAWE MUSIC FESTIVAL BIRA (ZIMFEBI). Registration for 2011, send your application at

ZIMFEBI- is an event meant to celebrate and promote Zimbabwean music and culture.

The objective of starting ZIMFEBI is to get Zimbabweans, friends and interested members of the community in Sweden together at a positive and happy event once a year to celebrate and share aspects of our Zimbabwean culture and promote awareness of music from Zimbabwe, Sweden, Mozambique, Uganda, South Africa, Zambia, Congo, Lesotho and others ..ZIMFEBI wants to use music and culture to strengthen relations and build bridges between Zimbabweans and Swedes and other nationalities

All those who are willing to participate and contribute to the growth of this initiative are most welcome. We project that it will be an annual summer event where Zimbabweans and friends will meet on a weekend. Among our aspirations is to promote/sponsor Zimbabwean, Swedish, Mozambique, Uganda, Congo and other musicians, dancers and artists to come and perform at this event annually. We also plan to hold various activities such as traditional music workshops and hold open air exhibitions of traditional arts and crafts.

ZIMFEBI Presents Live:

Mbira music from Zimbabwe

ManLuckerz and The Zim-Traditional Unity

Thandiwe and The Jazz Gurus

Deodato Siquir

Live dance from West Africa Ladies

DJ Kenneth Gwada Live and fresh from Zimbabwe

Dance and song Workshop...and More groups to come.

ManLuckerz Makandire L.Chikutu- founder of The Zim-Traditional Unity (ZIMTU),and was born at Mupandawana, Gutu Mission Hospital, in Masvingo province of Zimbabwe. I am a talented drummer, singer, dancer, story teller and actor, with a promising and bright future, and aiming high. I grew up in an old-fashioned, traditional life enviroment because of my Grandfather VaMakandire Zvemisha. He was a TRADITIONAL HEALER, a story teller and a musician as well.

Each time we sat under a tree next to the cluster of huts in the compound and he played his mbira tunes. He told stories empasizing the values of our traditional way of living. He told us that we should never be brainwashed with evil winds, or never feel proud of western attire. He also taught me the importance of putting on the traditional attire that he bought for me because he didn't want me to disgrace my people and our ancestors; he also said that no matter how educated a person is, our tradition will not change. One day, he said "Take this snuff (bute), give me your hand, you are the son of the soil don't tease your culture Tambira........Puta yese and this will protect you from evil spells". I took the snuff and sneezed and laughed. Later, he said that culture will never be lost as long as there are people to protect it.

I will never hide my true identity under a false sheep skin. I am an African, a Zimbabwean to be specific. I feel proud of my culture and everyone's culture is important in its own right.

I have been interested in traditional dances, music and theatre since childhood but started to perform in 1985 when I was in grade 3. Special thanks to my mother/father- Agnes Madhinga Chikutu and Madhinga Zvemisha Chikutu who encouraged and taught me on how to sing The Zim-traditional music. She also taught me on how to dance the thudering dance.

I became an actor by profession in 1996 when I joined Chiysap theatre arts. I'm one of the founder members of this group.

I was assisted by two women from the University of Zimbabwe (UZ), namely Ms Tendai and Ms Gloria who trained me on how to act and proper theatre management with the help of Nicholas Mukaronda, a lecturer at the UZ as well.
The training lasted for six months. After which I produced a play entitled, WHAT IF IT WERE YOU, (Dai uriwe, in Shona),

:with the help from those three UZ members. It was on gender issues and domestic violence. It was launched from the 14th to the 17th of August 1996 at the UZ. I have also appeared in various plays, which I produced together with the Chiysap theatre arts group.

In September 1996, I worked with Ziki Moyo from Idwala theatre who also added a bit of skills on traditional dances, music, and drumming, it was in september 1996.

I became a musician by profession in 1998 when I joined Nhare mbira ensemble. I'm also one of the founder members of the group. I attended some workshops for cultural programme exchange in Sweden from the 2nd of May to the 16th of June in 1999. I obtained a certificate from Studiefrämjandet. I have appeared on radio, local press and in a number of TV 4 documentaries in Sweden. I worked with many artists in Chitungwiza, Harare, Matebeleland, Manicaland, Midlands, Masvingo province, Mashonaland province, etc. I have performed at various occasions and festivals in Harare and other provinces in Zimbabwe. I have attended many meetings pertaining to theatre workshops, development and grooming of artists in Zimbabwe and other countries including USA, Sweden Finland, etc.

I also want to educate, and train others about Zimbabwean culture and play a role in the preservation of our culture. These amongst other reasons have kept me in the field of art and culture. l am discliplined, dedicated, determined(3ds)to go forward and never backwards. By doing so young people will also have a chance to learn and practice our culture or some of its elements like dance and music. My ambitions are to make people in every corner of the world be aware their traditions, so that they remember them.

ManLuckerz and The Zim-Traditional Unity was established in 2001.

Old and new members of ManLuckerz and The Zim-Traditional Unity (ZIM-TU):

ManLuckerz M. L.Chikutu- Zimbabwe

Joseph Semafumu- Uganda

Isaac Mutasa- Zimbabwe

Rolf Staflin- Sweden

Celso Paco- Mozambique

Martin Larsson- Sweden

Carlos Amado- Sautome and Principe

Torbjörn Sommar- Sweden

Francisco Escalona- Venizuela

Sam Kasule- Uganda

Themba Ncube Zimbabwe

Tipei Marazanye Zimbabwe

ManLuckerz and The Zim-Traditional Unity (ZIM-TU) was formed in order to address Zimbabwe tradition, hidden issues, socio-economical issues, gender issues and other unknown and neglected issues through singing and to break the culture of silence.

Real man who does not abuse women and children, ever smiling.


Traditional music programme - The Zim-Traditional Unity is always ready to be hired or called for performances, functions, seminars, parties, launchings, state functions and official openings.

Modern dance music (with band)

Theatre programme

Information on current development issues.

We also offer workshops in:

Drums African dance

Choir music

With performance we bring awareness and discussion of societal issues. Since its inception, The Zim-Traditional Unity (ZIM-TU) has worked with different organizations:

In Zimbabwe

: Four organizations which are women's grassroots organization working to improve gender equality and consciousness in Zimbabwe (Musasa Project, WAG, WILDAF, WASN -which are women's grassroots organizations working to improve gender equality and consciousness raising in Zimbabwe, Padare- a Men's forum /Organization which works on gender issues throughout Zimbabwe), Chiysap theatre arts, Dandemutande, Beula Dyoko, Zatycp, Alternative Savahna Arts Theatre, HIFA, Roof Top Promotions, National arts council of Zimbabwe i.e. primary, secondary and high schools, University of Zimbabwe, Schools, ZBC, Africomms and Chitungwiza municipality, etc.

In Sweden

: Studie Främjandet, ProTools, Afrocuban Company, Fyrisgården, Uppsala stift i.e. Churches in Sweden, Fyris Festvalen, Gottsunda biblioteket, Bromma ungdomar kultur i Stockholm, Baba Thula Organization, Zimba Marimba Ensembles, Swedish radio P2, Swedish TV 4, The Darkness film, Nordic Africa Institute University, SIDA, primary-secondary and high schools in Sweden, Afrika Grupperna, The Embassy of Zimbabwe, Weddings, Conferences etc

In Finland

: Finland churches, Jakaranda music band, etc


: Lewis and Clark College, PSU university, primary and high schools, The Nation's Finest, Oregon Health Science University, Self Enhancement Organization, Walker and Warren Organization, Zimbabwe Arts Projects- ZAP, Authentic Shona Sculpture Contemporary Art, Our House of Portaland Organization, etc

Bakgrund ManLuckerz & The Zim-Traditional Unity

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Den ManLuckerz and Zim-Traditional Unity (ZIM-TU) bildades i syfte att få ut Zimbabwes tradition, socio-ekonomiska frågor och jämställdhetsfrågor, med sång och dans. Jag heter ManLuckerz (Makandire Zvemisha). Jag föddes i Mupandawana, Gutu Mission Hospital, i provinsen Masvingo i Zimbabwe. Jag är en begåvad sångare, dansare, trummis, story teller och skådespelare, med en lovande och ljus framtid, och siktar högt. Jag växte upp i en gammaldags, traditionellt hem på grund av min farfar VaMakandire Zvemisha. Han var en traditionell HEALER, en story teller och en musiker också. Varje gång vi satt under ett träd bredvid fälten vid hyddorna och han spelade hans mbira låtar. Han berättade historier som beskriver världen och vårt traditionella sätt att leva. Han berättade för oss att vi aldrig bör hjärntvättas med onda vindar, eller aldrig känna oss stolta över västerländsk klädsel. Han har också lärt mig vikten av att den traditionella klädsel som han köpt till mig eftersom han inte ville att jag drog skam över mitt folk och våra förfäder, han sa också att oavsett hur välutbildad en person är, våra traditioner kommer inte att ändras. En dag sa han "Ta detta snus (bute), ge mig din hand, du är son till jorden inte reta din kultur Tambira … puta yese och detta skyddar dig mot onda makter”. Jag tog snus och sneezed och skrattade. Senare sa han att kulturen aldrig kommer att försvinna så länge det finns människor som skyddar den. Jag kommer aldrig att dölja min verkliga identitet under falsk flagg. Jag är en afrikan, en zimbabwier för att vara specifik. Jag känner mig stolt över min kultur och allas kultur är viktigt i sig Jag har varit intresserad av traditionella danser, musik och teater sedan barndomen, men började med det 1985 när jag var i klass 3. Ett särskilt tack till min mor-Agnes Madhinga Chikutu som uppmuntrade och lärde mig om hur man ska sjunga The Zim-traditionell musik. Hon har också lärt mig om hur man dansar de thudering dans.

Jag blev en skådespelare till yrket 1996 när jag gick Chiysap teater. Jag är en av de grundande medlemmarna i denna grupp. Jag fick hjälp av två kvinnor från University of Zimbabwe (UZ), nämligen fröken Tendai och Ann Gloria som utbildade mig om hur man ska agera och spela riktig teater med hjälp av Nicholas Mukaronda, föreläsare vid UZ också. Utbildningen varade i sex månader. Efter det jag producerat en pjäs, tänk om det var ni, (Dai uriwe i Shona) : med hjälp av dessa tre UZ medlemmar. Det var om jämställdhetsfrågor och våld i hemmet. Den spelades den 14: e till den 17 aug. 1996 vid UZ. Jag har också uppträtt i olika spelningar, som jag producerat tillsammans med Chiysap Teater grupp. I september 1996 arbetade jag med Ziki MOYO från Idwala teater som också lagt till lite kunskaper om traditionella danser, musik och trumma, det var i september 1996. Jag blev en musiker till yrket på 1998 när jag gick med Nhare mbira ensemble. Jag är också en av dem som grundade gruppen. Jag gick några workshops för kulturellt utbyte av program i Sverige från den 2 maj till den 16 juni 1999. Jag fick ett intyg från Studiefrämjandet. Jag har varit med på radio, lokal press och i ett antal TV 4 inslag i Sverige. Jag har arbetat med många artister i Chitungwiza, Harare, etc. Jag har uppträtt på olika tillfällen och festivaler i Harare och andra provinser i Zimbabwe. Jag har deltagit i många möten som rör teater workshops, utveckling och trimning av konstnärer i Zimbabwe och andra länder, däribland USA, Sverige Finland, etc. Jag vill också utbilda och träna andra om Zimbabwes kultur och spela en roll i bevarandet av vår kultur. Dessa skäl har hållit mig inom konst och kultur. I am discliplined, hängiven, beslutsam (3DS) för att gå framåt och aldrig bakåt. Genom att göra så unga människor kommer att ha en chans att lära sig och känna vår kultur eller vissa delar av vår dans och musik. Mina ambitioner är att göra människor i världens alla hörn att känna deras traditioner, så att de kommer ihåg dem.

Den The Zim-Traditional Unity inrättades 2001 med ManLuckerz.

Gamla och nya medlemmar i ManLuckerz and The Zim-Traditional Unity:

ManLuckerz-Zimbabwe – Musician- Composer- Lead Vocals, dance, percussions, trummor

Joseph Semafumu- Bass Guitar

Celso Paco- Mozambique- Back Vocals, Percussions, trummor, mbira, marimba

Martin Larsson- Guitar

Rolf Staflin-Sverige - Back Vocals, Guitar

Isaac Mutasa-Zimbabwe- Back Vocals, rattles, dance

Carlos Amado- Guitar

Sam Kasule- Bass Guitar

Tipei Marazanye Zimbabwe- Mbira

Francisco Escalona-Venizuela – Bass Guitar

Torbjörn Sommar-Sverige- Drumset

Themba Ncube- Zimbabwe- Trumpet

Den Zim-Traditional Unity bildades i syfte att ta itu med Zimbabwes tradition, dolda frågor, socioekonomiska frågor, jämställdhetsfrågor och andra okända och bortglömda frågor genom att sjunga och att bryta den kultur av tystnad som finns i Zimbabwe. Med uppträdanden väcker vi medvetenhet och diskussion i samhällsfrågor. Sedan starten, The Zim-Traditional Unity har arbetat med olika organisationer:

I Zimbabwe : Fyra organisationer som är kvinnors folkliga organisation som arbetar för att förbättra jämställdheten och medvetenheten i Zimbabwe (Musasa Project, WAG, WILDAF, WASN-som är kvinnors gräsrotsnivå organisationer som arbetar för att förbättra jämställdheten och medvetenheten öka i Zimbabwe, Padare-a Men's forum/Organisation som arbetar för jämställdhet i hela Zimbabwe), Chiysap teater konst, Dandemutande, Beula Dyoko, Zatycp, Alternative Savahna Arts Theatre, HIFA, Roof Top Promotions, National konstkommissionsväsen Zimbabwe, d v s grundskola, gymnasium och grundskola, University of Zimbabwe, skolor, ZBC, Africomms och Chitungwiza kommun, etc.

I Sverige : Studie Främjandet, Protools, Afrocuban Company, Fyrisgården, Uppsala stift dvs kyrkorna i Sverige, Fyris Festivalen, Gottsunda biblioteket, Bromma ungdomar Kultur i Stockholm, Baba Thuja Organization, Zimba Marimba Ensembler, Sveriges radio P2, svenska TV 4, The Darkness-film, Nordiska Afrika Institutet University, SIDA, primär-sekundär-och gymnasieskolor i Sverige, Afrika Grupperna, Afrikanska Ambassader i Sverige , bröllop, konferenser, konserter på Katalin- Uppsala, på Hijazz- Uppsala etc.

I Finland : Finland kyrkor, Mikropaster musik band, osv

I Norge : Musik skolor

I Island : Musik skolor

I USA : Lewis och Clark College, PSU universitet, grundskolor och gymnasieskolor, The Nation's Finest, Oregon Health Science University, Self Enhancement Organization, Walker och Warren Organization, Zimbabwe Arts Projekt-ZAP, Äkta Shona Sculpture Contemporary Art, vårt hus i Portaland Organization, etc

ManLuckerz's perspective, about The Zim-Traditional Music

Chitekete Chaamai nababa (Muroora)

When ManLuckerz's brother visited Sweden.

ManLuckerz in Action: Play Entitled- Hopeless

Remembrance, The Late Peter Mahachi Muzani in action, play entitled- Hopeless. He died on the 19th of March 2004 after a short period of illness. We used to encourage one another in everything. My cousin Peter, I say ´´Rest in peace.``

Special thanks to my parents who supported me in composing my songs. God bless you mum and daddy

My grandmother, I say ´´Rest in peace.`` I'm still with you. (Ndangariro dzangu)


Donations- Bankgironr: 418-9403 : Interested partners wishing to donate in cash or kind are welcome to support or promote The Zim-Traditional Unity. For more information please do not hesitate to contact Man Luckerz via mail:, or phone +46 73 951 73 02. For more info, contact us!